Hunterdon Business Services provides professional, effective editing and proofreading services with quick turnaround — in a secure, confidential environment.
We service a wide array of clients:

  • Businesses: website content, blog content, social media posts, reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials and press releases; and
  • Authors: books, short stories and other manuscripts.
Typewritten material with red pen edits on it; red pen on top and a portion of a laptop on a wooden desk.

Grammatical Editing

Correct grammar usage reflects profoundly on you and your business. First and foremost, the Hunterdon Business Services’ team members check grammar throughout your text, correcting inconsistencies and errors.

Editing for Clarity

Our style of writing is clear, concise and to the point. When Hunterdon Business Services’ team members edit your material, we incorporate that same style into our edits. In addition to the foundational components reviewed (e.g., sentence structure, punctuation, word usage, and flow of material), we edit to increase the ease of understanding and readability of material. Additionally, we strive for overall consistency of facts throughout the material.

Editing the Tone

Tone in writing does not refer to what is being communicated but to how it is being communicated. In order to select the appropriate tone for material, Hunterdon Business Services determines, with the client’s assistance, why the material is being written, for whom the material is intended, and the overall purpose of the material (to sell, to inform, etc.). Once these three factors are identified, the overall tone of your communication is determined. When editing, the Hunterdon Business Services’ team members ensure the appropriate tone of your material. Every word should support the tone chosen and the tone itself must remain consistent in order to reach your target audience and deliver your message in the most effective manner.

Formatting While Editing

No matter what type of material you are producing, Hunterdon Business Services will format the material as part of the editing process if required. We are experts in adhering to strict formatting guidelines. Using built-in and/or custom styles, Hunterdon Business Services formats material efficiently and consistently regardless of its length. Our team works closely with you to define your preferences for formatting and applies those preferences throughout the overall production of your materials, bringing together text, graphics and color to greatly enhance communication and create a visually appealing product.

Repurposing Content

When it comes to extending the value of your work product, Hunterdon Business Services’ content repurposing services provide a cost-effective option for expanding the reach of your material without creating new material from scratch. Repurposing content means taking existing material and editing it so that it is effective in a different venue and/or appeals to a different audience. Repurposing content can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Take existing content, such as a white paper, and summarize key points for a PowerPoint® presentation. That same presentation then also can be made into a video slide presentation for posting on YouTube.
  • Appeal to multiple targeted audiences simply by incorporating a different tone, phrase and/or a slightly different slant for each specific audience thereby reusing existing content.

By adapting the focus and/or format of your content, you are able to broaden its appropriateness and appeal for several uses. This increases the material’s reach, maximizing your initial investment in the creation of the ‘base’ content. The content becomes multi-functional, moving across platforms with fresh, interesting content customized to your audience.

Need edits to your material? Trust your project to the professional team at Hunterdon Business Services.