Professional Document Formatting Services

Hunterdon Business Services provides professional formatting services for material across multiple venues. We format communications by bringing in color, graphics and multiple fonts to online and printed materials. Additionally, we enhance your communications depending on the venue. Such enhancements may include adding references, i.e., table of contents, page numbers, headers/footers and links for PDF access.

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Document Formatting for Repurposing Content

We not only format your material to serve its original intent, but we also will repurpose that content for presentation in new ways in order to maximize its value. We take your existing material and modify its format to create a slide presentation or a video for posting, or we reword content to target a specific market segment. Using these techniques, among others, your reach spans across multiple venues, giving you exposure to an increased audience. This value-added service is only one of the many marketing strategies our team members will pursue in promoting your message.

Meeting Strict Document Formatting Requirements

We excel at adhering to strict formatting guidelines, making communications attractive, easy to comprehend and consistent. If your project calls for adherence to a specific set of guidelines for formatting, Hunterdon Business Services will implement those style and formatting guidelines throughout the material regardless of its length. Having perfected your core content, we can then repurpose that material, using a variety of means designed to bring your business to the attention of diverse audiences who will respond to your message when it is properly geared toward them.

Text-to-Text Conversions

Our text-to-text conversion service refers to the duplication of existing printed material resulting in the creation of an electronic or digital file of that same material. Examples of this would be:

  • a printed, published book converted into an editable, electronic file for revision and republishing;
  • a printed newsletter transformed into a digital newsletter for electronic distribution.

Any basic printed or handwritten document can be reformatted into a professional communication for a specific venue, and our team members will prepare your file for use regardless of that venue. Call us today!

Formatting Lengthy Documents and Communications

Hunterdon Business Services utilizes style options when formatting lengthy documents, ensuring changes are incorporated effortlessly by globally administering those changes throughout the communication.

Auto Generation of Tables and Other Indices

We insert fields into your communications for automatic generation of multiple reference listings. These reference listings include:

  • Page Numbers, Headers and Footers
  • Indices, Tables of Content, Tables of Figures, Tables of Authority
  • Citations, Cross-References, Quotations
  • Book, Chapter, Section Titles

Examples of Communications Formatted

We format communications such as proposals, manuscripts, screenplays / play scripts, questionnaires, and reports. We can also turn Microsoft Word® forms and documents into PDF-fillable forms with ease.