Newsletter Production: Establish a Personal Connection

Finely tuned newsletters serve as a relationship-builder, which encourages interaction with customers and potential customers. In addition to maintaining conversations, a newsletter assists you in developing new relationships and establishing your company as a leader in its field.

Offering fresh, new information to your target market will keep you and your company at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Newsletter Production by Hunterdon Business Services: picture of an envelope with an @ sign inside; envelope as a double-sided arrow going around the back of the envelope with the two arrowheads visible in the front- arrow is gold; rest of image is grayscale

Information Sharing with your Targeted Audience

Collect emails via Facebook and/or your website. Establish your database of potential and existing customers, both past and present. Send out a newsletter sharing tips, news and other pertinent information; establish yourself and your company as an expert in your field without advertising your specific products or services.

By offering and positioning your company as an expert and a leader in your field, you provide information that is of value to your customers and perspective customers. In this way your newsletters become a subtle advertisement, solidifying your brand presence in the minds of your readers.

Newsletter Production Experts

Hunterdon Business Services will assist you in all aspects of your newsletter production, from the initial design through distribution. Interaction between you and your customers will keep a focus on your business and also can provide you with feedback on topics and/or items of interest to your base clientele.

We have expertise in content writing, editing and formatting, along with the integration of graphics and photos, and we will produce a visually stimulating product, the appeal of which will contribute to your brand recognition and the overall perception of your company. We have experience in working with Constant Contact as well as MailChimp.

Whether you choose a printed newsletter or an electronic newsletter, our team members will handle the newsletter production from creation to distribution.