Positive Online Review Solicitation

Get more five-star reviews and website testimonials while keeping less-than-stellar reviews offline.

Goals of Our Positive Online Review Solicitation Program

Our positive online review and testimonial solicitation program has the following goals:

  • Amassing five-star reviews on the online platforms of your choice for your business;
  • Obtaining customer feedback used with permission on your website as testimonials; and
  • Keeping negative reviews offline while obtaining actionable input to further improve your processes.

Unbiased, Third Party

HBS serves as an unbiased, third-party company collecting information on your most recent dealings with your customers.

group of four people sitting on puffy chairs with various electronic devices in their hands, hopefully leaving five-star reviews for HBS clients

Limited to a Quick, Short Survey

We purposefully limit the survey to one or two questions to encourage a high response rate without annoying your customers.

Customized with Your Branding

In order to lend credibiliy to the survey, HBS customizes the survey with your branding, using your logo and colors in the survey.

Surveys via Our Email

Emails are sent from feedback on domain hunterdonbiz.net. To avoid “junk” emails, alert your customers beforehand.

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