Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts by Hunterdon Business Services: picture of a man in a gray suit and tie with his head titled all the way back, staring at the interconnected flow chart of file folders and computers representing social media

Your social media profile and company page has been created. Now it is time to populate your profile and page with quality, targeted posts that will advance your communications.

Social media posts require consideration and execution in multiple areas: content focus, visual impact and timing of delivery. In addition, these components require finessing to suit the personalities of each social platform. For example, the relaxed and informal tone used in your Facebook post would require slight modification to appeal to your LinkedIn audience which seeks a more professional tone or presentation.

At Hunterdon Business Services, our team members are well-versed in creating content specifically with the intent of repurposing it in order to market your communications across these different platforms.

Your Company Persona Is Represented on Social Media Platforms

A word of caution: choose carefully if outsourcing your social media marketing to a company or an individual. Posting on behalf of a company requires a sensitive and sensible selection of material for posting – after all, your posts represent your company and its tone. Mishandling of your company’s reputation through your postings and comments and responses to comments may have a negative rather than a positive impact.

At Hunterdon Business Services, we take into consideration the company and what it stands for; we choose posts carefully. We monitor the social media platforms for comments and we respond appropriately.

Trust your social media campaign to a company that will represent your business in its best light; choose Hunterdon Business Services.