AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targeted Clicks

Use AdWords to bring targeted traffic to your website by creating ads and choosing keywords related to your business. You can start and stop your AdWords Campaign at any time.

HBS is Google AdWords Certified. 

Boost Your Small Business With Focused Advertising on AdWords PPC

An Immediate Boost in Traffic

  • See results immediately
  • Geo target cities or regions
  • Target specific products and/or services

Stay Within Your Budget

  • Set your daily budget and change it at any time
  • Control the number of clicks
  • Bid higher on more important keyword phrases

Receive More Qualified Leads

  • Reach people while they are searching online
  • Only show ads to qualified prospects
  • Appear on the 1st page of Google

More About AdWords

Pay-per-click advertising means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Fortunately you can boost traffic to your website even if your site is not very search engine friendly (although if HBS creates/manages your site, it will be search engine friendly!).

Outbid Your Competitors

You can even outbid your competitors for those highly competitive keyword phrases.

HBS is Google AdWords Certified – Let Us Help Your Business Become More Successful

HBS can create a successful AdWords Campaign on your behalf. We are Google AdWords Certified and have a successful track record for setting up and managing AdWords Campaigns.

To Get Started With AdWords, contact us!

Hunterdon Business Services has been my marketing company since 2008. Recently I began participating in Google AdWords, and my phone started ringing with more qualified leads. Within the Google AdWords Campaign, my service area was targeted. The ads written were effective and closely tied to the content on my website pages. So, my quality score was high and the pay-per-click rate low. I would highly recommend Hunterdon Business Services and their Google AdWords set up and management. 

Amy Alvarez

President and Owner, Alexandria Domestic Services

Note: HBS' search engine optimization (SEO) services are not verified or endorsed by Google.