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Why Should HBS Be Your WordPress Website Developer?

Why would you pay HBS to do your WordPress website when you can get an inexpensive website OR do it yourself? Sure, you could hire someone over the internet and get a site at a great price. But would your website perform? You could learn WordPress and set up your own site and save money. But do you know how to optimize your site for performance?

With an HBS WordPress website, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. When comparing all facets of WordPress website production, HBS produces WordPress websites that are of great value to your business for the price. The value of our WordPress websites is evident in the performance. We incorporate both visible and invisible features and functionality that bring about one objective – WordPress website performance. Our effectiveness garnering results on behalf of our clients is documented and spans industries.

Pay for Your WordPress Website and Digital Marketing Services Over Time!

Your WordPress website and digital marketing is an investment in your business. HBS works with you on all levels, including payment arrangements. Therefore, your HBS digital marketing services may be paid for over time. Once the work and fees are agreed to, the HBS Digital Marketing Team proceeds as expeditiously as possible. Your interest-free payments are made monthly and your business realizes the positive impact of our work sooner rather than later.  

We Get WordPress Website Results

The following is an excerpt from an email to one of our clients whose website previously was not visible in the first three pages of Google and Bing searches. The WordPress website was launched in June 2020 and results from three months of tracking show:

Total website traffic increased 119%  – from 82 sessions in July to 180 sessions in August

Organic traffic went up 137% from July to August

There were 14 website event completions this month [August] broken down as follows:
A user clicked on the linked phone number (phone call clicks):  7; A user submitted a form: 7 [phone clicks not previously tracked and no forms received previously even though there was a form on the website]

Our Clients Stay With Us

60% of our clients have been with us for 3 years or more

33% of those clients have been with us for more than 8 years

We build a relationship with you, performing tasks with the purpose of getting you the results you desire. A client typically hires us for one service, develops a solid trust and respect for our expertise and business practices, and requests additional digital marketing services. Our clients expand the services they purchase from us because of our ability to show them their results in an honest, transparent way.

Broad Range of Services

We provide our HBS family of clients valuable services that go far beyond creation of a WordPress website; we possess expertise and offer multi-dimensional services to small businesses that span platforms and mediums — services that typically are only available from multiple vendors and to large businesses. Because of our broad range of service offerings, HBS has the ability to connect the inter-dependencies. We can evaluate beforehand the effect one action has on another and, therefore, seize the opportunity to amplify the results of our efforts to your advantage. 

  We Begin with the End in Mind

Upfront we determine the business goal or goals you have for your digital marketing in quantifiable terms. We clarify the performance expectations you have for your website and other online assets, taking only those actions to meet your expectations. Knowing what you desire as the final destination helps HBS to determine actions to get your business to your goal.

In order to be effective, a WordPress website needs to be succinct, fast, and secure. What good is having a stunning website if it is not visible in the search results? HBS works on attractive websites that perform. This may mean using minimal fonts, eliminating sliders, paring down code — all to benefit your website users by providing a faster, more secure experience. During development, you make decisions concerning the design, content and functionality of your new WordPress website with the knowledge of how those decisions will impact your overall website performance goal(s). We advise you on this and other digital marketing opportunities for your business.

WordPress Websites

  • Designed for Your Goals
  • Clean Design & User-Friendly
  • Quick & SSL Secured

WordPress Hosting

  • Via WP Engine with Cloudflare CDN
  • WordPress Exclusive Hosting
  • Added Security & Speed


  • Well-Maintained Software
  • Quick & Efficient Updates
  • Bi-Monthly Health Check

HBS’ Multi-Step WordPress Website Development Process


During this initial website development phase, we discover who you are and what your business is about. We research and ask questions. We listen. 

What is the main goal of your website? What are your business goals?

What works now? What doesn’t work?

Do you like your brand’s colors and tone of messaging?

What geographical area do you intend to target with your website?

Can you describe your ideal customer?

What features and functionality do you want your website to have now and in the future?

What do you feel are the top six keyword phrases internet searchers would use to find your business?


We don’t just develop your WordPress website – we craft it based on your input and our research.

A theme is selected and customized; the structure and layout is proposed.

Website content is developed: written or edited content from what you provide; augmented as necessary. Content is focused on the topics important to your business.

Best practices are used for optimization of pages and content.

Your input is obtained throughout the site’s development and the design and content is updated based on that input.

The site is tested on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Site speed is checked and optimization of images and other speed efficiencies are implemented.


We launch your website, but our work is not over. We continue to provide efficient and results-driven website services.

We test the website’s internal links, external links, and all forms.

We re-test your site on desktop, tablet and mobile for any rendering issues that may have surfaced.

We submit a sitemap and request your site be indexed; we follow and correct any issues that arise with indexing.

We implement a secured environment by installing an SSL certificate, a key factor considered by Google’s search engine.

We check the speed of your website and make modifications to improve your site’s speed.


 This phase is an ongoing, iterative process that is vital to the health and performance of your website.

This maintenance service is optional. We can develop your site and turn it over to you for upkeep and management. 

If HBS is responsible for maintenance, we update WordPress, themes, PHP (the programming language used in WordPress websites) and plugins as released – an ongoing activity that is essential for the security and health of your website.  We test your online forms monthly to ensure you are receiving any web inquiries about your products and services

Additional Optional Service: Ongoing advanced search engine optimization is a service to improve and maintain your ranking in the major search engine results. Major search engine algorithms change; new competitors enter the market. In short, nothing stays the same and ongoing search engine optimization is vital to stay visible in the search results. 

Note: Changes to the structure and/or content at your request are not part of our maintenance; this activity is covered by HBS’ Website Management service.


HBS has been doing my marketing since 2008. In 2015, the team converted the original site they did in 2008 to a responsive WordPress website. I am very pleased with the results. My business comes up in the first-page, organic Google results! The site is professional and gets results.

And I am always impressed with the support and follow up HBS provides on my digital marketing advertisements. I received a status update on spending and performance weekly! I highly recommend HBS for websites and digital marketing across the board. HBS is definitely a digital marketing company you can trust and depend on. 

Amy Alvarez

Business Owner, Alexandria Domestic Services, HBS client since 2008