search en·gine op·ti·mi·za·tion

the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine

You made an investment in your business by setting up an attractive website. It fully explains your company’s business, prominently displays your contact information, and is fast and secure, yet it hasn’t attracted any new business. Why?

Without search engine optimization (SEO), your website investment most likely will be for naught.

Results-Driven & Measurable

Our SEO service is aimed at getting your company the highest possible ranking in search results for those terms important to your business. We help you decide on important key terms.

Our efforts are results-driven. We track and report our progress to you.


Proactive & Responsive

The Internet is constantly changing, as are the search engines that power it. HBS keeps up-to-date with changes and best practices. We analyze performance and optimize for your best results.

HBS is proactive when search engine changes impact your site.

A Business Investment

Your website needs to adapt to its ever-changing environment. SEO is iterative and takes time to positively affect your ranking. Competition is ever-present and ever-changing. 

HBS uses skill and experience to improve SEO rankings.  

Need a quick fix for driving traffic to your website?

We can run a successful AdWords Campaign targeting your key terms within a very specific georgraphic target area or nationwide. It works very well!

Screenshot of an ad from a Google AdWords campaign managed by Hunterdon Business Services. HBS is Google AdWords Certified and provides search engine optimization for all ads under its management

HBS is Google AdWords CertifiedCheck our AdWords information.

Our company has been using the marketing services of Hunterdon Business Services, LLC since 2015. Whether maintaining and updating our website, editing our blogs, providing materials for tradeshows, or improving our SEO, HBS has been responsive to our company’s fluctuating needs and respectful of our marketing budget.

I have seen significant results from their efforts and I enjoy the open, productive communications we share. I look forward to further collaboration with the HBS staff as our company’s marketing requirements shift.

Kyle Goodman

Vice President, Palisades Logistics

Note: HBS' search engine optimization (SEO) services are not verified or endorsed by Google.