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Digital Marketing Reporting and Analysis Services

Transform Your Key Performance Metrics into Visual, Valuable Insights

You need credible digital marketing reporting and analysis to make data-driven decisions about your website and other digital marketing efforts. HBS meets and exceeds this need with our digital marketing reporting and analysis services. We provide comprehensive, visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports encompassing numerous online data sources and key, pertinent data points.

The charts and tables produced are then augmented by commentary providing additional insight to you based on our experience and expertise. Our analyses highlight areas of success and areas of improvement over a customizable period of time and, depending on the data sources’ repositories of information for your business, can compare data to the previous reporting period. The reports are customized for your business, focus on your business goals, and are branded for your business (utilizing your logo and colors).

In essence, HBS’ digital marketing and reporting analysis services take the guesswork out of your digital marketing efforts. Having a tool to measure your website and digital marketing efforts’ successes — or shortcomings — will empower you to create the right strategy for your business! 

Sources for Data Integration into Your Consolidated Report

HBS’ digital marketing reporting and analysis services can integrate data from: Constant Contact, Facebook Insights, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Business Profiles, Search Console, Google Sheets (custom reporting), MailChimp, Microsoft Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn (business profile only), YouTube and others!

    Multiple data sources can be combined in one chart, i.e., stats on Google Ad conversions, Microsoft Ad conversions, Google Business Profile phone calls – can all be tracked and reported in one concise graphic.

    Certified CallRail Partner - Hunterdon Business Services

    In 2022, Hunterdon Business Services proudly became a Certified CallRail Partner. The CallRail platform allows you to understand where your best leads are coming from through call tracking, form tracking, and AI-powered conversation intelligence.

    Customizable Reporting Frequencies for Your Business

    With HBS’ comprehensive marketing reporting and analysis services, you designate the frequency of your reports. Choose from:

    • weekly
    • monthly
    • quarterly
    • annually, or
    • online, real-time access 24/7.

    Online, Real-Time Access 24/7

    With online access, your report will be available when and where you need it. The data is synced with its source when the report is accessed. Alternatively, you can produce a copy of the report and save it for point-in-time analyses.

    Access your reports at meetings on a large screen! Our reports can be critical in gaining support for implementing additional marketing strategies and for re-allocating your valuable marketing budget to profit your business. 

    Interact with Your Data

    Sort by a particular column, scroll over and highlight the item you are focusing on at the time. Scroll down to see all the entries of a table, which may or may not be available in a PDF or printed version of the report.

    Finally you’re in control of your data!  


    Utilize Sophisticated Data Filters

    With our data filters, we can break down the data represented in your reports, reporting on aspects beyond your initial metrics. 


    Overlay Data from Multiple Sources

    We select data fields from several sources and combine them all into the same chart or table to correlate activity with your marketing efforts.

    See a Month-Over-Month Comparison

    Compare previous periods vital for your analyses, i.e., last month, last year. Gain valuable insight with visual percentage change between periods.


    Social Media Examples

    • Examine the source of all your social network traffic in one graphic
    • Determine quality session sources versus all session sources
    • See what social media sources drove the highest engagement
    • Overlay session data with ad stats
    • Determine your most popular post and whether or not that resulted in website engagement

    Website Examples

    • Examine the source of your traffic: organic search, paid search, & email, etc.
    • Look at bounce rate for each traffic source
    • Focus on those efforts that provide quality traffic (>30 seconds) to your website 
    • Track goal completions including forms, clicks on your telephone number on mobile, etc.

    Digital Ad Examples

    • See Conversions and Assisted Conversions in One Graphic 
    • Report conversions plotted against website sessions 
    • Assess the impact of digital ads on total impressions recorded in Google Search Console
    • See the results of multiple ad campaigns across platforms in one graphic and determine the high/low performers

    HBS’ Marketing Reporting and Analysis Services help you connect the dots to form a larger picture!

    Hunterdon Business Services’ comprehensive website analysis tools will provide you with an in-depth look at various aspects of your digital assets’ performance statistics. Sophisticated and custom data allow for a personalized and adaptable approach to find the most effective ways to boost your online presence.

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