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Boost Your Business With Focused Digital Advertising

Boost Your Online Traffic

  • Possibly see results immediately
  • Geo target cities or regions
  • Target specific products and/or services

Stay Within Your Budget

  • Set your daily budget and change it at any time
  • Control the number of clicks
  • Bid higher on more important keyword phrases

Receive Qualified Leads

  • Reach people while they are searching online
  • Only show ads to qualified prospects

With the fierce competition on the internet, an important part of any digital marketing strategy is digital advertising. These paid ads appear at the top of the search engine results, pushing the organic search results further down the page.

A paid ad, reinforced by an organic search result, on the first page of the major search engines is the winning combination. With one search, your business info can be seen twice as a result of the one search.

Depending on the type of ad, the viewer has some info about your company’s products or services. Your organic search result provides additional information, increasing the likelihood of further interaction with your business. 

With the advent of Google Local Services ads available now in some industries, which appear above all else on Google searches, organic search results are pushed down the page even further. In a solid, four-pronged digital marketing strategy of a well-performing website; social media participation; accurate and consistent profiles and listings across all platforms; AND digital advertising, paid digital advertising is an important component. 

Search Engine Ads versus Social Media and Branding Ads

Search ads and Google Local Services ads help you find new customers, while display ads and social media ads such as Facebook and Instagram helps new customers find you. Depending on your digital advertising objectives, both types of digital advertising can be effective for your business. 

Digital Advertising NJ

COVID Note: In these unprecedented times, brick-and-mortar businesses that did not rely heavily on the Internet previously have found themselves turning to the Internet to survive.

For certain industries, online competition has drastically increased and is more fierce than it’s ever been.

Pre-pandemic digital advertisers are finding it necessary to increase bids and budget just to maintain the market share.  Post-pandemic, digital advertising remains competitive.


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More About Digital Advertising NJ

Pay-per-click advertising means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Pay-per-lead advertising means you pay only when you get a lead (i.e., phone call, text message, etc.). Digital advertising may give your business first page appearance even if it does not rank well organically (non-paid results). 

Full Use of Google and Microsoft Ad Extensions

HBS expands the space your expanded text ads occupy in the search results by making use of every available ad extension. The ad extensions provide additional opportunities to display your phone number, website links, services and products, images, etc.

Continuous Digital Advertising NJ Management

HBS continually monitors your campaigns and makes adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns almost daily Monday through Friday. Adjustments are made to keyword and phrases, keyword bids and match type, ad content, device bid adjustments, demographic adjustments, etc. We stay on top of the campaigns we manage.

Weekly Reporting

Each week, HBS documents the performance of the ad campaigns for the previous week. These reports are focused on advertising results and are sent towards the beginning of the week for the week ending the past Saturday.

Outbid Your Competitors

You may be able to outbid your competitors for those highly competitive keywords and phrases regardless of the size of their company or yours depending on your budget. Keeping the digital ad focus very narrow helps achieve success.  

Let HBS Help Your Business Become More Successful!

Your Budget

One component that factors into the position of your ad in the search results is, of course, budget. For the terms that you want to achieve top placement on the first page search results, your daily budget must be sufficient to cover the bidding for that term or terms. From our experience, the reason why digital advertising campaigns do not meet advertisers’ expectations is because the digital advertising focus key term focus is too broad and the budget is insufficient to warrant top placement across a broad range of costly keywords – and in multiple geotargeted areas. With digital advertising, we highly recommend targeted advertising with a budget sufficient to give your business top placement. If your business is not in a position to make that investment, digital advertising may not be the right fit for your business at this time.

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