Directory Listings and Profiles – We call them ‘citations.’

Did you ever “Google” your business name and/or your name?

If you have not “Googled” your business and/or your name, you may be surprised at the search results. Try it now (but don’t forget to come back to this page!) to see on which directory listings you or your business appears.

Is your information accurate? Is it consistent? Do you come up at all? How many listings on the first page are about you or your company?

Search engines place value in reputable online directories. The good news is most listings can be claimed or created for free.

Creating and Maintaining Directory Listings

Creating and maintaining numerous directory listings is time-consuming, which makes putting off this marketing task easy. Also, businesses do not realize that it is the collective credibility of consistent and mutiple online listings that strengthens a business’ internet presence, thus creating a positive showing in the search engine results. 

  1. The directory listings provide credibility to a business entity; 
  2. Oftentimes a business listing links to your business’ website which, depending on the directory, can provide a valuable backlink; and
  3. Directory listings usually contain a ‘category’ field or fields which allows a business to classify its products and services into categories, enabling some listings to appear in the search results when a prospective customer is searching on the internet.

Existing Profiles

Information must be accurate and maintained. Consistency of NAP (name, address and phone number) is essential, especially if you have changed your business name, moved, or had different phone numbers. 


New Profiles

Niche directories are researched and profiles and/or pages are created to secure a presence in popular online directories. 

The more directory listings for your business, the better.


  • Backlinks from reputable directories are valuable.
  • Customers will have multiple directories within which to leave an online review.  
  • Categories in general directories help potential customers find your business. 

Directory listings and profiles should be search engine optimized for increased value. 

Experienced in the placement and construction of directory listings, HBS knows how to structure listings and use categories and keywords to optimize your listings.

Updating and maintaining accurate directory listings takes time that you could otherwise be devoting to the operation of your business. With consistent work, over time, your business information is displayed in a number of directories accurately. This provides your potential customers and existing customers a view of your products and service offerings via numerous venues, increasing your internet visibility substantially.