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Editorial Services

With a comprehensive focus, our professional writing and editing services include proofreading and formatting all your marketing content for both print and online venues. We produce prompt and accurate deliverables, utilizing multiple editing tools and platforms to perfect your writing project. Since its inception in 2000, Hunterdon Business Services has consistently delivered superior work products to its clients. Our professional writing and editing services include:

Writing & Repurposing

We write clear, concise content for:

  • websites, blog articles, and other online venues;
  • business communications;
  • press releases and newsletters;
  • marketing materials.

Repurposing content extends the life of existing material by repurposing it for use on a different platform or medium and/or changing the target audience focus. Contact us to discuss how our writing and repurposing content services will benefit you and your company.

Editing & Proofreading

While some consider editing a tedious process, professional editing is vital. At Hunterdon Business Services, we have the ability to transform awkward words into flowing, polished compositions that impart the true intent of your message.

Proofreading is an extremely important step in the editing process. Even a brilliantly worded message can be less credible when riddled with typographical and grammatical errors. With our proofreading services, you can be confident of delivering a clean, professional image through all of your written messages.

Entrust your project to Hunterdon Business Services and be assured your writing will achieve masterful results.


We are formatting experts, adhering to strict formatting directives consistently throughout lengthy documents. Our services include creation of PDF-fillable forms from scanned printed documents and/or Microsoft Word. We can also create videos from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Text conversion is a special kind of formatting that ensures an exact duplicate of the original content in one venue for use in another, such as print to digital. This is particularly helpful for manuals and handbooks.

Call Hunterdon Business Services today to discuss making your documents easily accessible and easily modified with text conversions.

We work closely with you to craft your communications, writing for your specific venue to achieve masterful compositions. Your message is conveyed in a straightforward, concise and effective manner. Don’t get frustrated with writing; outsource your writing project to Hunterdon Business Services.