Hunterdon Business Services provides comprehensive, professional proofreading services to businesses, individuals and organizations.

A well-written communication needs to be thoroughly proofread and corrected prior to release. If a communication is riddled with errors, it loses credibility and is not taken seriously.

Proofreading by Hunterdon Business Services: a picture of a printed document marked up with black and red ink revisions

Professional Proofreading

Proofreading can be a monumental task especially if the material is complex and contains mulitple references. Let Hunterdon Business Services serve as your review team. Our proofreaders review your material and assist in finalizing and polishing content. Most times, multiple reviews are performed by several Hunterdon Business Services’ team members, ensuring professional results.

What’s Covered in Our Professional Proofreading and Editing Services?

Hunterdon Business Services corrects typographical errors, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. We also review the structure of the communication and check for consistency throughout – consistency of formatting, word usage and references.

All tables of content and indices are verified and cross references are checked. We also check the clarity of the message conveyed and make appropriate recommendations for changes.

Online Duplicate Content Checking

Equally essential is ensuring that no duplicate content exists in your material, which can affect your online presence negatively. The addition of links to credible online assets (such as websites and reference material or internal website links) boosts your search results – an important facet of online writing. Let Hunterdon Business Services revamp your web content and blog articles to increase your online visibility without including duplicate content when compared to your existing online content or the material of others.


The above are just a sampling of the many types of printed content Hunterdon Business Services can help you finalize by proofing and editing.

Heighten the Clarity of Your Communication with Our Professional Proofreading

Clarity of communication is imperative; readers are busy and need to understand the content immediately and without question. Editing your written word provides the opportunity to focus on and clearly articulate your message so that points are easily understood.

When you are an expert in a field, you understand what you have written because of your background and the knowledge you possess in your area of expertise. However, someone not familiar with the topic may have difficulty grasping the subject matter and your message may be lost. Hunterdon Business Services can help bring clarity to technical material ensuring comprehension by all readers.

Web Content and Blog Writing

When writing for websites and blogs, the importance of a keyword or keyword-phrase focus within the flow of the text (calculated by keyword density) cannot be overstated. Writing for the web or publishing a blog is different than writing for print. Fresh content is key but unless your site is found in the top search engine results, visitors will not find your website or blog.

Hunterdon Business Services can professionally write or edit your web content and blogs with your keyword or keyword-phrase focus inserted naturally so your material will be found by search engines.
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