Social Media Marketing by HBS

Social media marketing plays an integral part in any strategic marketing plan but, to be effective, it requires commitment and planning. Because Hunterdon Business Services understands the roles each social media platform fills and the audience each platform attracts, we can help small businesses decide which platforms are most suitable for them. With that decision made, Hunterdon Business Services’ staff assists in creating unique company profiles and developing effective posting schedules for the selected platforms.

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Building Relationships through Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers unique benefits, allowing small businesses to:

  • build relationships with current and potential clients that go beyond everyday transactions;
  • establish themselves as authorities in their fields;
  • keep their company name in the forefront of the public’s mind; and
  • expand their exposure exponentially.

There is a danger, however, of disengaging followers through constant selling, over-posting or over-sharing. Understanding this balance, as well as the different nuances of the various social media platforms, and keeping abreast of the constant changes in this fluid environment, takes time that may be better spent devoted to the day-to-day operations of your business.

Hunterdon Business Services’ marketing specialists work regularly with the many social media platforms available today and, as a result, understand the workings of each platform and develop a feel for the right balance of postings to benefit your company.

Starting Your Social Media Marketing Effort

Getting started with social media marketing can be intimidating for someone not familiar with the different platforms. That’s where Hunterdon Business Services can help. We will:

  • create a name and profile for your pages;
  • design a unique cover photo for your pages, reflective of your business;
  • customize your page name for search engine optimization;
  • establish an effective posting schedule for optimal reach of your target audience.

Once your pages are set up and your posting schedule is established, you can choose to manage your postings yourself or leave it in the hands of our skilled marketing professionals.

Today social media marketing is an important aspect of your overall marketing efforts. Don’t let confusion or a lack of time cause you to miss out. The marketing specialists at Hunterdon Business Services can help you create, develop and maintain a successful social media marketing campaign.