Collage of three photos showing young men and women using smart phones, tablets and laptops; HBS social media marketing services help you reach customers online

Social Media Marketing

communicate when and where your ideal customers spend the most time . . .

Social Media Marketing Does Not Work . . .

. . . if you are using the wrong platforms to reach your target audience. 

Social media marketing plays an integral part in any strategic marketing plan but, to be effective, it requires planning and commitment.

Because Hunterdon Business Services understands the roles each social media platform fills and the audience each platform attracts, we can help your business decide which platforms are most suitable for you.

With that decision made, HBS assists in creating unique company profiles and developing effective posting schedules for the selected platforms.

Begin with the End in Mind

Define what types of clients you would like to attract. How old are they? What are their interests? Continue asking questions until you have your ideal customer clearly defined.

Review Your Current Customer Base

Examine your current customer base. How does your ideal customer’s description match up against your current customer base? Revise your ideal customer description accordingly.  

Identify Your Target Audience

Clearly define the target audience you would like to reach with your social media marketing. Use this definition to decide what social media platforms are right for your business. Then go & do!  


Speak To Your Audience

Build relationships and orchestrate engagement.

Speak to your audience on the platforms they are using. Is your business spending time on the  the platform or platforms where your target audience spend their time?


Limit Sales Pitches

In general, avoid direct selling – this is not the place for it. 

This is an opportunity to go beyond everyday transactions. It’s a conversation; make it interesting, pleasant or informative – even shocking. 


Become An Industry Leader

Keep your name in your audience’s mind.

Provide a mix of meaningful information — post about your staff, upcoming events, special promotional offers your company is running. Give your audience a reason to want to come back to your page. 


Commit to Posting Regularly

Establish a schedule and stick to it. 

It’s difficult – we know. Finding the time to post is one thing; finding the balance between too little, too much or just enough posting is another. However, regular posting is a must. Your audience expects it.

Developing and maintaining a social media marketing campaign offers targeted opportunities for your business that are uniquely available through these platforms. Yet successful participation requires understanding the balance required by each platform as well as the subtle nuances that define their differences. And keeping abreast of the constant changes in these fluid environments takes time — time that may be better spent on the day-to-day operations of your business.


HBS Can Help

HBS can help you establish and maintain your social media marketing campaign. With your defined target audience in mind, we will help identify the social media platform(s) best suited to your business. We will then:

  • create a name and profile for your page(s);
  • design a unique cover photo reflective of your business;
  • customize your page(s) for search engine optimization; and
  • establish an effective posting schedule for optimal reach of your target audience.

You can take it from there if you so choose or HBS can post on your behalf.

Whatever you do, don’t let confusion or lack of time cause you to miss out on this marketing opportunity. Call us today to get started!

Note: HBS' search engine optimization (SEO) services are not verified or endorsed by Google.