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Developing a Social Media Strategy

Developing a social media strategy is an absolute necessity in promoting your brand. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Google My Business (formerly Google+), LinkedIn and Twitter have become a preferred and even primary mode of communication for some and a prime venue for promoting company profiles.

Method of Content Distribution

Easily accessible and becoming increasingly important in the search engine world, these platforms are the future of content distribution and internet ‘referrals.’ Social media profiles and company pages should be included among the key components in your overall marketing plan.

Trusted Referrals

More than just another opportunity to connect with your audience, the social aspect of these sites encourages readers to share information with others. When one of your readers shares your message, it resonates with their connections as having been delivered by a trusted and reputable source. The impact of this delivery cannot be underestimated.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

An active and properly implemented social media strategy will further your goals in creating and strengthening your brand identity and connecting with your customers and potential customers, helping to achieve your ultimate goal – retaining and obtaining customers. An auxiliary benefit may be increased website traffic as a result of click-through’s from your social media page to your website. However, with more online assets, your company profile will appear in the search results more frequently (your website, your social media pages, possible directory listing results), thus resulting in a robust online presence for your company.

Connect on a Personal Level

The main goal of social media marketing is to connect with your readers on a personal level. Properly crafted company profiles and pages can serve a business’ ultimate marketing goal – to increase sales and revenues. However, these online assets are not direct selling tools. There is a delicate balance of information sharing and company branding through a more personalized approach.

How We Can Help

The Hunterdon Business Services’ team is knowledgeable about creating social media profiles and company pages. Your social media profiles and company pages will be customized to have the widest appeal for each particular platform. Each social platform has its own unique environment, and we will create and tailor your profile and pages to connect with that specific segment. Start the connection; contact us today at 908-200-7766.