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During this initial website development phase, we discover who you are and what your business is about. We research and ask questions. We listen. 

What do you have now that works or doesn’t work?

Is your brand effectively portrayed?

Do you like your brand’s colors and tone of messaging?

What geographical area do you intend to target with your website?

Can you describe your ideal customer? 


We don’t just develop your website – we craft it based on your input and our research.

A theme is selected and customized; the structure and layout is proposed.

If a favicon is needed, we create one and load it along with your logo.

Content is entered, edited and augmented.

Best practices are used for optimization of pages and content.

Client input is obtained and the website design and content is updated based on that input.

The site is tested on mobile, tablet and desktop (Chrome, Safari and Edge).

Site speed is checked and optimization of images and other speed efficiencies are implemented 


We launch your website, but our work is far from over. We continue to provide efficient and results-driven website services.

We test the website’s internal links, external links, and all forms.

We submit a sitemap and request your site be indexed; we follow and correct any issues that arise with indexing.

We implement a secured environment by installing an SSL certificate, a key factor considered by Google’s search engine.


This phase is an ongoing, iterative process that is vital to the health and performance of your website.

Updates to WordPress core, your theme and plugins are essential for the security and health of your website.

Review of the health of your website via Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters monthly, or sooner if notified of issues, corrects broken links and helps to highlight other issues requiring resolution.

Monthly confirmation of forms on your website with the expectation that you will acknowledge receipt of emails via a return email ensures you will receive inquiries about your products and services.

Note: Changes to the structure and/or content at the request of the client are not part of our routine maintenance and are done at an hourly rate following website launch with a mutual understand between the client and HBS.

I initially chose HBS to develop my website and I am extremely satisfied with that decision. The staff kept me informed of progress throughout the duration of my project and was very receptive to my input. I now have a website I am proud of and, as a result, I continue to use the website and Internet services of HBS to further market my company.

Scott Bills

Certified Sports Field Manager and Owner, Sports Field Solutions, LLC


  • Clean Design
  • User-Friendly
  • Quick & SSL Secured


  • Via WP Engine
  • WordPress Exclusive Hosting
  • Added Security

Post Launch

  • Well-Maintained Software
  • Quick & Efficient Updates
  • Monthly Health Check

Note: HBS' search engine optimization (SEO) services are not verified or endorsed by Google.